What Causes Human Behavior?

For every action we take there is an internal debate that happens. Before you act, you ask yourself, “Does the benefit of acting outweigh the benefits of not acting?” It’s a simple cost-benefit analysis but most of us are unaware of exactly what constitutes the costs and the benefits.

Because of our head trash, the stories we tell ourselves about why we shouldn’t be successful, the perceived costs of success outweigh the perceived benefits. You might be saying, “Yeah right, I want to be successful more than anything.” But this is your conscious mind talking. Most people want to be successful and work real hard towards that, but only about 3% of our population achieves success, meaning they are wealthy and happy. So, then why are so many people broke and miserable? Judging by the 500 million dollar self-help market, people are consciously taking action toward being successful. Then, why aren’t more people successful, it’s not from lack of work, that’s for sure.

We all have some subconscious clutter that’s causing us to be self-sabotaging, holding ourselves back, driving with one foot on the break. And that’s because of our cost-benefit analysis from our subconscious, that most people are unaware is even going on. We are evaluating our why-to’s and our why-not-to’s. If our why-not-to’s outweigh our why-to’s then we aren’t going to take the best action we could towards a goal.

Most of us are probably not even aware of our why-not-to’s or where they came from, and why they are holding us back. Some of our why-not-to be successful reasons include:

  • “It’s going to be too much work, I’d rather spend time with my family and friends.”
  • “I don’t want to hurt my spouses’ feelings.”
  • “What will my friends and family think of me?”
  • “It’s too complicated.”
  • “I’m not smart enough.”

But these are just stories we are telling ourselves, they are perceived problems, but they are good reasons to not allow yourself more success.

What if you could get rid of these false stories and instead use your subconscious why-to’s to outweigh your why-not-to’s and take your foot off the break. The reason so many traditional self-help programs don’t work is because the naturals are showing you how-to succeed, but they are unconsciously allowing themselves to succeed already, and they don’t even know it. Human learning goes through four steps:

  • Unconscious incompetence
  • Conscious incompetence
  • Conscious competence
  • Unconscious competence

The naturals are already unconsciously competent at allowing themselves to have abundance. So, now you can think about your subconscious why-not-to’s and be consciously competent about them…

…and get rid of them, with a really simple system of sending empowering queries to your subconscious, working with yourself, taking your foot off the break, and giving yourself permission to succeed. It’s so simple but so profound. Just ask yourself, “Why do I give myself permission to succeed?”

Why Traditional Success Programs Don’t Work

You aren’t being given the right tool for the job

If I told you to hammer a nail into a wall and then handed you a chainsaw, could you accomplish the job? Traditional success programs try to show you how to be successful. They are usually written by the naturals, who are unconsciously allowing themselves to succeed, while the rest of us are coasting through life with one foot on the break. These how-to programs are giving us the wrong tools for the job.

The usual program tells you to:

  • Set your goals (Visualize abundance)
  • Do something (Take action toward abundance)
  • Evaluate (Look at your goals and measure your progress towards them)
  • Try Again

But, since people have mental roadblocks in their way and the wrong tools it usually goes like this:

  • Confusion (mental fog)
  • hampster wheel (run in place)
  • despair (see our lack of progress)
  • try again

It’s not to say people aren’t working hard, people are working really hard and consciously want to be successful, judging by the half a billion dollar self-help industry sales. So why are 97% broke and unhappy, it’s not for lack of work or intelligence. There is an easier system though. What if you could:

  • Get rid of mind garbage and find your real gaols
  • Allow yourself to have abundance
  • appreciate your value
  • Continue living in abundance

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

There are a bunch of road block people put up for themselves, but they are just stories that we tell ourselves. And they are very convincing stories, and they all have a common denominator: fear. Some of the stories people tell themselves:

  • “Success is going to be too much work.”
  • “Success will take too much time.”
  • “What will people think of me?”
  • “What if I hurt someone’s feelings?”
  • “What if I fail?”

The Right Tool

The quickest ways to get rid of these roadblocks is to use empowering queries.

Affirmations: Why Lying to Yourself Doesn’t Work

I’m sure you’ve heard of affirmations, the idea that if you think and believe that you are wealthy, healthy, and happy, then it will manifest in your life through the Law of Attraction. This is what some of the naturals, the 3% of the population that is wealthy and happy, teach and believe works, but they are missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle.

They say if you just tell yourself, “I am rich.” over and over that your subconscious mind will eventually be tricked into attracting you riches. This approach does not take into account how the human consciousness is a two part structure, with the conscious mind being the part that is immediately available to us through our five senses, which takes up about 15% of our mind’s power. The other, much more powerful part, is the subconscious mind, the part that we are not immediately aware of but we can feel, as in “gut feeling”, also called our intuition. The subconscious is extremely powerful but it’s not widely known how to access and interact with it. And that is what affirmations were a first step to, accessing our subconscious, and using it to benefit our lives.

Lying Yourself Lowers Morale, Reinforces Negative Beliefs

When you say, “I am rich.” but you’re not, there is a belief gap. Your conscious mind knows you are lying and who likes to be lied to? You can’t help but to think, “no I’m not.” which reinforces your negative thought loop, “Why don’t I have enough money?” And this is the only thing that’s getting through to your subconscious.

Affirmations tries to use force. Why try to force something when it’s much easier to help it work for itself? This also doesn’t take into account the way in which our subconscious queries incoming data. For example, when you hear a question like, “Why is the sky blue?” you automatically search for the answer. Our subconscious is like a search engine, when we input terms and questions it seeks to answer them. But it’s also more powerful than a traditional search engine, our subconscious also tries to manifest the answers to our queries into experiences for us. How thoughtful right? The only problem is people are asking themselves dis empowering questions:

  • Why am I so poor?
  • Why am I so fat?
  • Why can’t I get a girl/guy?
  • Why don’t I have time to do anything?

Then your subconscious has no choice but to try to answer these questions as manifestations in your real life, so what kind of results do you think these questions are going to get? You’re going to be dis empowered, broke, overweight, lonely, and wasting your time.

Using Empowering Queries to Break the Loop

In the same fashion, you can use empowering questions to break the negative thought loop:

  • Why am I so wealthy?
  • Why am I so healthy?
  • Why do i have happy relationships?
  • Why do I use my time wisely?

By sending empowering queries to your subconscious, it has no choice
but to show you the answers through experiences.

Just by adding this simple but fundamental piece of the puzzle can we manifest our dreams, and it will be easier, take a shorter amount of time, and be the goals you really want to achieve.

Obviously, you have to take action, but using empowering queries makes you more congruent person, meaning your inner game (subconscious) / outer game (actions) line up together. Reaching your goals is still going to be a lot of work, there’s no such thing as ‘get rich quick,’ but when you aren’t working against yourself, you can achieve twice as much  in half the time.

Let us know what some of your empowering queries are in the comments below.